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Ladybug for Girls

Victory Soap Bar

Victory Soap Bar

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Our Best Seller! Our Ladybug for Girls Victory Ultra Moisturizing Soap is a moisture-rich blend of organic butters that is perfect for those who suffer from dry, flaky skin. The rich, creamy lather gently cleanses without stripping away moisture and keeps your skin feeling soft and fully nourished. Hydrate your skin with our rich moisturizing Victory Anti-Itch Body Butter. The uplifting citrus fragrance is sure to please any girl. Made fresh in the USA.


  • Fair trade African shea butter from Ghana softens and moisturizes dry skin
  • Cocoa seed butter and mango seed butter adds extra nutrients 
  • A blend of citrus oils offer a sweet, light citrusy scent

Net Wt. 6.6 oz.


Key Ingredients:

Fair Trade Cocoa Seed Butter, Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter, Fair Trade Mango Seed Butter, Essential Oil Blend.

Scent Profile: 

The perfect pairing of sweet herbs and citrus.


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