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In 2008, Coach Trinita sparked a movement as a pioneer in health education ​dedicated exclusively to girls. The sport wellness and clean beauty founder ​is a behavioral scientist and certified health coach with expertise in theory ​driven research on human behavior concerning nutrition intervention ​strategies, mind-body neuroscience, and sports related injury risk ​reduction in pediatric sports medicine. She is an HBCU graduate of Spelman ​College, earned a Master‘s degree in Public Health from Emory University, ​and has completed her certification for specialized training in child ​nutrition at Stanford University.

Coach Trinita’s vision is to help our girls improve their individual health, ​enhance their participation in youth sports, and overcome social barriers in ​a safe, supportive environment. Today, Ladybug for Girls® is an ​international, women-led, socially responsible sport wellness brand that ​is inspiring girls to be healthier where they live, learn, and play.

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We're here to help girls around the world ​connect through sports and build a life that’s ​authentically theirs, so they can live boldly ​and with passion knowing

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they are more than enough!

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We launched a full range of body care products ​that are formulated with natural ingredients such ​as pure essential oils, pure aloe vera gel, ​therapeutic grade Epsom salts, and gentle aloe-​based sunscreens that are hypoallergenic, ​paraben-free and suitable for all skin types.

Our Promise...

As a mother of two athletic daughters in soccer, competitive ​dance, and All-Star cheer sports, Coach Trinita knows ​firsthand how difficult it can be for parents to find specific​ body care products that are safe and enjoyable for athletic ​girls. Her personal experience with daughters who suffered ​from sensitive skin, allergies and sports-related

dermatologic conditions compelled her to build a revolution ​in body care products for athletic girls using organic ​ingredients sourced from the earth. We craft organic bath ​and body products that are made fresh in the USA, is ​ethically sourced and paraben-free for today's female ​athlete to maintain healthy skin and rejuvenated bodies.

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It's time for

things to change.

Ladybug for Girls® is a proud supporter of

Fair Trade for our raw goods and organic ​ingredients to support the cycle of ​sustainability. Our organic skincare products ​are crafted in the USA in small batches to ​preserve the quality of our ingredients. By ​choosing Fair Trade goods, we help local ​farmers and workers around the world have ​better trading practices and sustainable ​farming where producers are guaranteed ​fairer prices and provide improved working ​conditions for women. Let's do this together!

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