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By the age of 14, girls are quitting sports at twice the ​rate of boys! Here’s why...

Lack of Access

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lack of confidence

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Game On! Let’s spark change, help girls achieve their goals, and connect with like-minded parents. Are ​you ready to support girls in sports? Join us today and transform your daughters athletic experience.

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Come be a part of our amazing ​sport wellness club! Get a Class ​Pass to join your daughter's school ​or sports team. Sign up today!


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We'll work together to take the ​next steps to find sport teams and ​dance studios to create real ​results. Ready to make it happen? ​Let's go!

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Does your daughter feel ​anxious & overwhelmed?

She’s not alone. Girls deal with some pretty tough stuff during ​pre-adolescence that can make playing sports a bit stressful. ​That's why we've created a groundbreaking sport wellness club ​specifically designed to support parents and their daughters in ​overcoming these challenges. We understand the importance of ​nurturing a confident daughter, and we are committed to ​ensuring every girl achieves success.



Our Sports Network

Join our Sports FAN (Families and Neighborhood) ​Network for free! It’s your space to connect, share ​victories, and grow alongside fellow parents of ​athletic girls.

Check out our Sports Ambassador Anjali Interview

Episode 003 | Ditch the Doubt: Unleash Your Inner ​Superstar

Let’s talk about knocking out self-doubt and stepping into your power, ​with stories from folks who’ve been right where you are.

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Why do Atlanta​ parents choose us?

Developed by health experts, Ladybug ​for Girls® is an innovative sports-based ​youth development (SBYD) program ​that provides girls ages 5-12 years with ​evidence-based health education classes ​and sport safety resources. Our classes ​are fun, educational, and tailored to ​meet the needs of young athletic girls in ​youth sports including dance, cheer, and ​gymnastics.

Dr. lisa price

"I cannot recommend Ladybug for Girls ​enough! Ladybug is awesome for both me ​and my daughter! We loved making the ​healthy snack recipes together. Thanks ​for all that you do!"

Rosa Yanez

"If you're looking for help with your daughter’s ​self-esteem, look no further than Ladybug for ​Girls! My daughter had low self-esteem before ​joining. She was very shy. Since we've been ​involved she has learned how to be a healthy ​girl and she is more confident."

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"Working with Ladybug for Girls has ​been life-changing for our daughter! ​Their compassionate approach has ​allowed our daughter to break through ​limiting beliefs and habits to achieve ​success through sports."

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Founder’s Note

Hi there! I’m a mom, health advocate, and your ​daughters biggest cheerleader. From battling my ​own parenting challenges in sports, I’ve turned ​my journey as a parent of athletic girls into a ​playbook just for you—because all girls deserve ​access to quality sports programs!

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